Spotlight on Arsenicum Album

This is a remedy prepared by diluting and succussing (shaking while hitting on a firm surface) aqueous arsenic trioxide to either an X (1:10) dilution, C (1:100) dilution or M (1:1000) dilution. Samuel Hahnemann - the original “founder” of homeopathy, in addition to being a practicing physician, was also a chemist in the 1700’s. Arsenicum […]

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Introduction to Supplements

Similar to our own diets, our animal’s diet needs to be supplemented due to the increasing poor quality of the soil, and consequently the foods grown in the soil. One of my favorite supplements for almost everyone is Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Omega 3 is especially important for animals fed commercial diets, but also […]

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Obstacles to Cure in Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Hahnemann - the original homeopathic researcher - said in the Organon paragraph 261 - the guide book to homeopathic prescribing - “the most expedient regimen is based upon the removal of any ‘obstacles to cure’. The most detrimental “obstacles to cure” in veterinary medicine are: poor nutrition, vaccines, and suppression or palliation of chronic illness by conventional treatment.

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