Introduction to Supplements

Similar to our own diets, our animal’s diet needs to be supplemented due to the increasing poor quality of the soil, and consequently the foods grown in the soil.

One of my favorite supplements for almost everyone is Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Omega 3 is especially important for animals fed commercial diets, but also those fed raw diets.

The ideal source of essential fatty acids for a carnivore is from fish or krill. Cats do not possess the enzymes to convert flax oil to utilizable fatty acids. The conversion of flax to useful fatty acids is very inefficient in dogs as well.

The body oils of fish are high in the anti inflammatory properties of “fish oil”. Cod liver oil is higher in Vitamin A and D.

Be sure that any fish oil products are cold pressed and independently tested to be free of mercury and PCB’s. Some fish oils are rancid at the time of packaging This happens with poor distillation processes. The oil then becomes dangerous due to the development of potentially carcinogenic trans fats. Giving no fish oil at all is better than rancid fish oil.

Always refrigerate open bottles and use them up within three months. Purchase small quantities.

Many consider krill to be a more replenishable source of Omega 3’s. Krill are the abundant plankton which are consumed by whales. Krill is not only an excellent source of DHA and EPA, but also vitamins A, D and a potent anti-oxidant called astaxanthin. These nutrients are prized for their support of healthy skin, joints, brains and hearts. Their anti-inflammatory properties can decrease itching, arthritic discomfort, and inflammation anywhere in the body. When this oil is fed with pumpkin, you have an effective and nutritious hairball remedy.

Another favorite supplement is “probiotics” - the “good bacteria”. People with inflammatory bowel disorder and other digestive disorders respond well to probiotics. Processed foods and the all pervasive glyphosate is in all or most foods, even organic foods, and can kill off the good bacteria. Good gut health is first and foremost in immune health and mood. Allergic dermatitis, asthma, ear conditions, all may improve with the addition of probiotics.

IonBiome is the trade name of a newer supplement created by Dr. Zach Bush to support gut strength, mental clarity and immune function. He calls it a “mineral supplement”, but it is much more. The humate , trace minerals and amino acids provide a way for our cells and bacteria to talk to one another so that “tight junctions” between cells remain intact.

“All disease begins in the gut” is a naturopathic principle. Junctions between cells, especially the one- layer thick gut lining cells, must be intact and “tight” so that undigested food particles cannot go thru, creating a negative reaction from the immune system.

By actively tightening the cell junctions in the gut, IonBiome supports health by:

  • supporting digestion
  • boosting immunity
  • enhancing mental clarity
  • alleviating sensitivity

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